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Merha! Welcome to Asteria's Carrd, you will find various things not only about her here but also about other things related to Asteria. We hope you enjoy your viewing!


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Ver: 1.0.0 (080321)
Discord Handle: OuraniaAstraea#0307


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TwitterOuraniaAstraeaJuly 9

Merha! I'm Asteria, also known as Eka. I'm a 3rd year Psychology student from the Philippines and I bake from time to time.I also like animals. My favourites are Owls but I also like Hippos, Dogs, Cats, and other animals too!I also cosplay when I have the time and cough the money to do cosplays HAHAHA Nice to meet you!


Set Your Heart: a HypMic AU ZineGeneral and Finance ModPreparing for Donation
The Journey Continues: a PokeSpe Zine, V.2Social Media, Finance, Production, and Shipping ModDonating Soon
Quirks and Curses: a BNHA x JJK ZineSocial Media ModLeftovers Preparation
Resonance: a Soul Eater Yearbook ZineOrganisation ModPackaging Contributor Packages
Friends Forever: a Liyue Friends ZineFinance and Production ModDonating Soon
Diamonds are Forever: a Spy x Family Fashion ZineFinance and Production ModShipping
Dracaena Somnolenta: a Sangonomiya Kokomi ZineFinance and Production ModShipping Soon
Celestial Confectionery: a Genshin Impact Sweets ZineGeneral ModShipping Soon
Crown: a BNHA Dark Royalty ZineFinance, Production, and Shipping ModProduction, Formatting Mod Operation
Triple Trouble: a Harbinger Trio ZineSocial Media ModProduction
Defenders of Teyvat: a Genshin Impact Magical Boys ZineFinance and Production ZineProduction
Ex Umbra: a Genshin Impact Mafia AU ZineFinance and Production ModProduction
Death's Final DanceGeneral ModProduction
Hell's Kitchen: a Hades Cookbook ZineFinance and Production ModProduction
Urano Metria: a Lucy Heartfilia ZineFinance, Production, and General ModProduction
Sugar Crystals: an Alberose AnthologySocial Media ModPreparation for Pre-orders
Boyz with Magic: a BTS Magical AU ZineFinance and Production ModPre-orders
New Game+: a Nanami Chiaki ZineFinance and Production ModPre-orders
Where the Tides Meet the Stars: a Mermaid ZineFinance and Production ModPre-orders
McPaimon's: a Genshin Impact Fast Food ZineFinance and Production ModPre-orders
Butterfly's Lover: a HuXiao ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Like Family: a Suguru Geto and Twins ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Azure Drops: a Genshin Impact Hydro ZineSocial Media ModCreation
Boundless Memories: a Genshin Impact x Ghibli ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
The Adventures of Tony Tony Chopper: a Chopper ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Victories: a BNHA Sports ZineSocial Media ModCreation
Lotuslight: a Nilou ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Aggravate: an Al Haitham, Kaveh, Cyno, and Tighnari ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Vulpes Zerde: a Tighnari ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Loona the Mode: a Loona Fashion ZineFinance and Production ModCreation
Marimo: a Roronoa Zoro ZineFinance and Production Mod
Cheers!: a Dionysus ZineFinance and Production Mod
Streets of Gold: a Tokyo Revengers Fashion ZineFinance and Production Mod
Timeless Bonds: a Free! ZineFinance and Production Mod
Art of Exorcism: a Chongyun ZineHead, General, Social Media Mod
Exquisite Chests: a Genshin Impact 2023 CalendarSocial Media Mod
Memory of Dust: a GuiLi ZineHead and General Mod
Invicible: a Sakusa Kiyoomi ZineGeneral Mod
The Journey Beyond: an A3! Fantasy Storybook ZineHead, General, Social Media Mod
STREET TALK: a KNY Harajuku ZineCo-Head, General, Social Media Mod
Cutting Edge: a KNY Cyberpunk AU ZineOrganization Mod
Devoted: a HQ! Next Generation ZineGeneral Mod
HQ! 8 Years ZineGeneral Mod
Stylish: an HQ! Captains ZineSocial Media Mod
Connect: an HQ! Valentine ZineBeta Reader
✦ The Prince Route ✦ A Hamefura fanovelFinance, Production, and Shipping Mod
Love Flag: a HameFura ZineFinance, Production, and Shipping Mod
All Jumbled Up!: a Danganronpa Talents Swap ZineCommunications Mod
Rebuttal Showdown: a Danganronpa Antagonist ZineFinance Mod
Once More, with Feeling!: an A3! FanzineWriting Mod
To the Depths and Ends: a Taehyung and Yoongi ZineHead, General, Social Media, Finance and Production Mod
Another Life: an IchiRuki ZineGeneral Mod
Timeskip: a Daiya no Ace ZineGeneral Mod
The Journey Continues v.1: a PokeSpe ZineSocial Media and Shipping Mod
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Clean Up: a Miyuki Kazuya Cupsleeve Event

[CANCELLED] Genshin Con: a 2023 Online Con

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